The Latin America IP SME Helpdesk offers a variety of exclusive IP webinars only for registered users that provide practical, straight-forward information for EU SMEs. These IP webinars can be either country specific or regional and they are also focused on IP matters in different business sectors.

The average duration of the webinars is 45 minutes. During the live sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask any question you may have directly to our IP experts.

In the case of the recorded webinar you will also have the opportunity to send any query related to the topic of the webinar by using our helpline service.

In the following list you will find all our upcoming live webinars. We also have a repository with a selection of recorded webinars. Register now for free and you will get full access to the webinar repository

If you have any suggestions on specific topics for the next courses, please contact us.

Upcoming events
  • The webinar 'Intellectual Property Rights for EU SMEs in Mexico: new aspects' aims to give an overview about the current situation as regards Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation as well as to provide practical information about the registration and enforcement of the main IPRs in Mexico…

  • Renewable Energies have experienced a relevant increase within the last two decades and Latin America countries are placing great expectation in non-conventional energy sources at short, medium and long term.

Past events