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Title Brief comment Link Source/author
Guide for SME on management of Intellectual Property asset Organized and strategic utilization of IP as a business asset. WIPO
Solución de controversias en materia de nombres de dominio Information about Alternative Dispute Resolution: arbitration and mediation WIPO
Protecting your patents abroad General information on Patents protection abroad Switzerland of the Swiss Patent and Trademark Office IGE (Eidgenössische Institut für Geistiges Eigentum)
Manual de Procedimientos sobre Patentes en Mexico Overview of the mexican patent prosecution. Manual with detailed procedures regarding to patent aplications. IMPI (Mexico)
Formularios de solicitud de patentes en Nicaragua Official forms for patents prosecution in Nicaragua Ministerio de Fomento, Industria y Comercio (Nicaragua)
Formularios de solicitud de marcas en Nicaragua Official forms for trademarks prosecution in Nicaragua Ministerio de Fomento, Industria y Comercio (Nicaragua)
The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Chile - patents 2019 Patents FAQs in Chile Global Legal Group, in association with CDR and Beuchat, Barros & Pfenniger Abogados
The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Chile - Franchise 2019 Franchise FAQs in Chile Global Legal Group, in association with CDR and Cristián Sandoval
Formularios oficiales de solicitud ante el Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial Relevant forms to register IPRs in Mexico IMPI (Mexico)
Trademark applicant's guide General Information about trademark registration including official forms Ministerio de Comercio e Industria (Panama)
Basic information on software protection An information leaflet illustrating IP protection of software WIPO
Guía de usuarios de Patentes. 3i. Inventor, Investigador, Innovador Patent ntroductory guidelines for Inventors and Innovators (38 pages) INAPI (Chile)
Directrices de patentes Detailed Guide on Patent Examination in Chile. Practitioners' oriented (224 pags) INAPI (Chile)
Directrices de procedimiento de registro marcas comerciales Detailed Guide on Trademarks in Chile. Practitioners' oriented (547 pags) INAPI (Chile)
La disciplina di tutela dei marchi e brevetti in Marocco The protection of trademarks and patents in Marocco Camera di Commercio Italiana in Marocco
IPR sectoral guides 4 guides giving information about IPR and counterfeiting specifically for the sectors of textiles & clothing, footwear, leather and furniture. The information may also be interesting for any other technical sector. IPeuropAware project
Industrial design locator Online database, enabling customers to search into Spanish national Industrial Designs OEPM (Spain)
Valorization and evaluation of SME’s Intangible Assets An evaluation method able to highlight the economic value of SME’s Intangible Assets, in order to find out the added value of their intangible resources and how they can increase their business. EVLIA project
F.A.L.S.T.A.F.F. - Fully Automated Logical System Against Forgery Fraud Database (website) developed for combating counterfeiting where an IPR holder can publish information about his original goods, allowing customs officers to compare original characteristics with potentially counterfeited products. Italian Custom Agency
INVENES Base de datos Diseños Online database, enabling customers to search into Spanish national industrial designs. OEPM (Spain)
IP Marketplace Web based platform where sellers and buyers of IPR meet, in order to enhance the business potential of IPR and to facilitate IP commercialization by selling or licensing. IP Marketplace covers patents, utility models, trademarks and designs. DKPTO - Danish Patent and Trademark Office
IA in a Can and IA Treasure Trail “IA in a Can” is easily adapted for specific sectors or companies; prior uses include looking at pre-packaged software and with companies on products during internal training workshops. “IA Treasure Trail” assists to identify Intellectual Assets within a working environment. Scottish Enterprise
IPR management in software development An informative factsheet illustrating IP protection and management of software related products and services.
 Public Research Centre Henri Tudor / Technology Watch Centre
InnovAccess Cost Tool The Cost tool allows users to evaluate the different costs related to the acquisition and maintenance of IP rights in European countries. INPI France / IPorta project
Online Case Law Database / Base de Dados de Jurisprudência National and international jurisprudence database where, by searching by keyword or set of keywords, users can have access to the matters in litigation and related decisions of the courts on legal issues related to industrial property rights INPI (Portugal)