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Title Brief comment Link Source/author
Derecho de Autor: protección Explanation about Copyright's concept and the protection available Registro Nacional
Conozcamos sobre propiedad intelectual A quick introduction and overview about Intellectual Property in general Registro Nacional
Guía de procedimiento de registros para los diseños industriales Guide for registering your Industrial Designs in the Dominican Republic ONAPI
Guía de Patentes de invención y Modelo de utilidad Guía informativa del proceso de registro de Patentes y Modelos de Utilidad en República Dominicana. ONAPI
Guía de Patentes Introduction to Patents for SME ONAPI
Manual de organización y examen de solicitudes de Patentes Providing a better understanding of patent examination process ONAPI
Guía de Patentes de Invención y Modelos de Utilidad Documents that provides guidelines for redaction of technical document and instructions when presenting the application ONAPI
El secreto está en la Marca Introduction to Trademarks for SME ONAPI
Registro de signos distintivos Guide of requirements for registration of any Distinctive Signs (mark, commercial name, logo, label, marketing slogan, GI and denomination of origin) ONAPI
Legisla??o de Indica??o Geográfica Legislation about Geographical Indication Brazilian Industrial Property Institute webpage which presents the Legislation about Geographical Indication. INPI (Brazil)
O que é Indica??o Geográfica? What is Geographical Indication? World Intellectual Property Organization website which explains general concepts about Geographical Indication. WIPO
Guia básico de Indica??o Geográfica Guidebook of Geographical Indication Brazilian Industrial Property Institute webpage which presents general information about Geographical Indication. INPI (Brazil)
Guia para solicitação de registro de indicação geogràfica Guia para solicitação de registro de indicação geogràfica para produtos agropecuàrios Ministerio Agriculutura (Brasil)
Pedidos de indicação geográfica concedidos e em andamento Geographical indication applications granted and in progress INPI (Brasil)
Diagnóstico do Design Brasileiro Brazilian Design Diagnosis Book of Brasil Design Center presents a diagnosis of Brazil’s Design. 222 pages. CBD (Brazil)
Lei da Franquia Franchise Law World Intellectual Property Organization website which presents the Franchise Law n° 8.955, 15th December 1994. WIPO
Cartilha ABF Guidebook Brazilian Association of Franchising Brazilian association of franchising website which presents a guidebook with general information about franchising. 7 pages. Portal do franchising (Brazil)
Guia de Franquias por Segmento Brazilian association of franchising website presents a franchise guidebook divided by segment. Portal do franchising (Brazil)
A importancia dos manuais para rede de franquias Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises website presents general information about the importance of manuals for franchise network. SEBRAE (Brazil)
Instrucciones para la solicitud de registro de obras literarias en Panamá Easy guide which explains the registration form of copyright in Panamá (1 page) M. de Comercio e Industria (Panamá)
Copyright Registration / Registro de obras literarias Leaflet about Copyright (literary works) in Panamá: requirements, legal bases & observations. (2 pages) M. de Comercio e Industria (Panamá)
Guide for PCT international applications in El Salvador Guide on submitting PCT international applications (16 pages) CNR (El Salvador)
Promoting and Protecting Intellectual Property value in Ukraine Overview on IPR matters in Ukraine, including legal framework ICC
Copyright FAQs in Argentina FAQs about Copyright Registration in Argentina M. Justicia Argentina
Guide for Patent application in Peru and abroad/ Cómos solicitar una Patente en Perú y en el extranjero Comprehensive and user friendly patent guide: from the basics to more specific proceduras issues (76 pages) INDECOPI (Perú)