Uruguay DNPI launches a pilot program for accelerated examination of patents

The DNPI, Uruguay’s IP Office, has published on August 20th resolution Nº6/2019 introducing a Pilot Program for accelerated examination of patent and utility model applications where patents have already been granted for the same invention in another territory. This program will start on September 1st of this year.

Following this pilot DNPI will consider as validated the substantive examination of a patent application in the following cases:

  • the application was filed before January 1st 2017;
  • the application has already been duly published as required in the official gazette;
  • the relevant fees have already been paid;
  • there already exists a patent granted by another IP office of another territory for the same invention or utility model.

This pilot program constitutes a test for accelerated procedures relying on other IP offices’ decision, a system which is more and more commonly used to limit the backlog which IP office usually have to deal with.

For more information, please be referred to the communication published by the DNPI.  

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