News from our partners: Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil concludes technical support cycle

Brazil is the 10th largest individual Green House Gases (GHG) emitter, especially due to the activities in sectors such as farming, forestry, energy, industrial processes and waste. Aiming to encourage the exchange of innovative experiences and support companies into the transition to low carbon technologies and resource efficient processes, Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil was created, as an (EU) European Union-funded initiative, to engage Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from Brazil and Member States and facilitate their access to green funds to finance their projects, contributing to reduce pollutants emissions in Brazil. The program is closing its cycle in December 2019, after providing technical support to 90 projects in different sectors.

The initiative is in its second phase, which started at the end of 2017 and will be completed in 2019, and involves offering technical and financial support to all the selected projects during the first phase.  The service providers homologated by the Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil provided technical support in order to turn the partnerships into projects able to obtain funding. The support contemplates market viability, economic and financial services; technical viability services; potential impact services (environmental, cost analysis); legal advisory services and financial consultancy and facilitation to deal with financial entities.

The previous analyzes carried out by the technical scholars of the chosen projects raised some very significant numbers (annual basis) of environmental impact such as: 30,675 tons of CO2 to be avoided, 160,027 MWh renewable energy production, 976,360 Giga Joules of biofuels production and /or consuption, 2,458 MWh energy saved, 3,310,000 m3 reduction in water use, 382,167 tonnes of waste to be reused or recycled and 2.5 tons of expected reduction of Particulate Material Emissions.

Since the beginning of the second phase, Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil also mapped out over 400 institutions and financial instruments available in Europe and Brazil to enable financing of low carbon technologies in the country. More than 30 financial institutions were selected, while each project underwent a rigorous technical analysis that allowed defining its technical and financial feasibility. 300 million Euro are expected to be mobilized after a meeting between companies and financial institutions held in the second half of 2019.

"After all the technical support provided by the program, and already having in hands the environmental impact indicators, as well as technical and financial viability informations of each one of them, the selected projects are in a more mature stage. Soon we will be able to see the realization of initiatives that will aggregate European technology and innovation in several sectors, such as energy, biogas and waste management, which will certainly bring significant environmental, social and financial feedbacks in the long term in Brazil", explains Mercedes Blázquez, leader of the Low Carbon Brazil project.


Low Carbon Business Action’s history

Established by a Steering Committee of national, public and private entities, such as Sebrae (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service), CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development), CNA (National Agricultural Council), CNI (National Confederation of Industry), Febraban (Brazilian Bank Federation), the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of the Environment, and by the General Directors of the European Commission - DG Growth and DG Climate, Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil was launched in September 2015, and has gathered more than 300 Brazilian and European companies.


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