WIPO has just published the 2020 review on the PCT, Madrid System and Hague System

WIPO has just published their usual yearly reviews on the PCT, the Madrid System and the Hague System.

These three documens comprise facts, figures and analysis on each one of the different international registration systems.

To access the PCT yearly review 2020, please refer to the following link.

To access the Madrid yearly review 2020, please refer to the following link.

ONAPI Dominican Republic joins TMclass

The Dominican Republic National Intellectual Property Office (ONAPI)  has joined EUIPO's TMclass. This platform, implemented by the EUIPO and run by the EU Commission, is a harmonized database with more than 70,000 terms from which users can benefit from.

This tool contributes to the search and classification of products and services, making it easier for users who are willing to protect their trademarks. Moreover, this tool searches and translates in 44 languages. 

INDECOPI publishes Copyright Guide to understand the provisions of the Marrakesh Treaty

Indecopi Copyright Directorate (DDA) has recently published the Copyright Guide to understand the provisions of the Marrakesh Treaty.

The Marrakesh Treaty establishes a set of limitations and exceptions to traditional copyright law, by making the production and international transfer of specially-adapted books for people with blindness or visual impairments easier.

All latin american countries, except Cuba, are contracting parties to the Marrakesh Treaty.

New PROSUR Bulletin on Covid-19: patents in the Public Domain

The Forum for the Progress and Development of South America (PROSUR) has just published a new Bulletin on Patents that are in the Public Domain, and that can be used in the fight against the COVID-19 spread.

PROSUR is a South American initiative that coordinates mechanisms for public policies in defense of democracy, the independence of powers, the economy of markets, the social agenda, with sustainability and with due application.

Propiedad Intelectual: la puerta para una internacionalización segura

La Propiedad Intelectual (PI) es el mecanismo legal que permite proteger la innovación y hacer que las empresas la capitalicen y consigan una ventaja competitiva al margen de su tamaño y experiencia. 

De hecho, la labor diaria de las PYMES resulta en inventos y símbolos que constituyen parte de nuestro entorno cotidiano: desde un caramelo con un palo a prendas transpirables impermeables o tecnología de intercambio de datos, todos ellos han sido protegidos mediante Patentes, Modelos de Utilidad, Diseños, Marcas y Derechos de Autor y comercializados con éxito gracias a éstos.

Colombia becomes a member of the OECD

Colombia has officially become the 37th member to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The OECD is an international organisation that works to shape policies that foster prosperity, equality, opportunity and well-being for all.

Latin America has now three countries in the OECD: Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

To read more (in Spanish), please be referred to SIC Colombia's website.

IMPI Mexico launches new tool for online trade marks procedures

IMPI Mexico has just launched a new tool for users to register their Trade marks online and carry out the corresponding procedures.

This new tool will be available to users during and after the current Covid-19 spread. Thanks to the tool users will save transfer time and user resources to send documentation.

The purpose of the new tool is to avoid saturations that could compromise compliance with the healthy distance measures, during the contingency, but also after this period.