Enhancing tourism experience through IP: smart tourism in Latin America

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Have you ever thought of the benefits of combining new technolgies and tourism? This infographic will give you an insight on how to apply Intellectual Property to tourism related business.

How to protect your IPR online


European SMEs seeking to expand their businesses towards the Latin American region consider the Internet as a preferential channel to do so. With the Internet being such an easy entrance for new products and services, it can also be used by forgers from all over the world as an instrument to sell counterfeit goods or commit any kind of Intellectual Property (IP) frauds.

Ficha País de la PI: Colombia


Esta Ficha País proporciona una imagen completa y actualizada sobre los Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual en Colombia. Las PYMEs interesadas en internacionalizarse al País Andino se beneficiarán de información relevante y práctica, incluyendo requisitos formales y sustantivos o tasas, entre otros.

Colombia IP Country Factsheet


This Factsheet provides a comprehensive and updated picture about Intellectual Property Rights in Colombia. SMEs interested in internationalising to the Andean Country will benefit from factual and practical information including formal and substantive requirements or fees, among others.



Kann ich als europäisches KMU einen Domänennamen in den Mercosur Ländern und Chile registrieren? Muss ich mein Markenzeichen in diesen Ländern registrieren, bevor ich dort einen Domänennamen anmelde? Was kann ich tun, wenn der Domänenname bereits von einer anderen Firma registriert wurde? Und wie kann ich zeit- und kostenintensive Rechtswege vermeiden?