Where can I file my trademark application form in Argentina?

1. Online: via the INPI webpage.

Scanned documents supporting the data stated in the application form must be attached too (if required) before finishing the processing. After that, an electronic payment slip, to be paid via any payment method suggestedoin the website, will appear. Homebanking is also accepted. Within 24 hours following the payment, you can access the website and see the reference number assigned to your application. 

2. In person: at INPI’s offices.

A search to see if the trademark is available can be performed in the Trademark Reports Desk (Mesa de Informes de Marcas) located on the bottom floor of INPI’s building. Afterwards you should pay the registration application fee in the Cash Office (Tesorería) located on the ground floor and then submit the application form duly filled in by the applicant at the General Reception Desk (Mesa General de Entradas). 

The application form can be submitted in person by any person that complies with the abovementioned requirements (Federal capital domicile), including certified IP agents or representatives. The representatives must submit a copy of the Power of Attorney signed by them declaring on oath that he/she is faithful to the original and that it empowers him/her to act as such. 

3. By mail:

Applications must be sent by Argentinean postal service using a postal order with the name INPI 5100/622 RECAUDADORA FF 12 with the corresponding fees, the corresponding mail certificate and forms. They  should all be sent in the same envelope to: I.N.P.I. - (Sección Mesa de Entradas) Av. Paseo Colón 717 – 1er Piso. CP 1063 – Capital Federal.

After submission, we recommend you check the Trademark Bulletin (Boletín de Marcas) within 10 or 15 days to see if INPI has made observations on the registration application so that you have time to rectify it and be able to proceed with the application.